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toggle switch plate

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Back to the Future

These mechanical light switches transform an ordinary appliance into the perfect flourish for your secret library, steampunk chalet—or wherever your imagination lives! The fabulous contraptions are the brainchild of father and son Lance and L J Nybye. They craft their mechanisms from decorative plywood, often leaving the alternating colors of wood left exposed at the edges. The joints are all finished with brass hardware, and the laser engraved details have the swirling ornamental lines of a Victorian engraving. The switch installs easily in your bedroom, hobby room or office—simply attach it over an existing, standard switch plate using the existing screws. Made in San Diego, California.

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Made from
metal, plywood
See measurements below
Care instructions: clean with dry dish towel; do not get wet.
Toggle Switch Plate- Original: 9.5" H x 3.5" W
Toggle Switch Plate- Planet Gear: 5" H x 5.25" W
Toggle Switch Plate- Double Rack and Pinion: 8.25" H x 5" W

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