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toaster grilled cheese bags


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Hot Stuff!

Hot, melty comfort food is now popping up in a more convenient form. These pouches let you pop a cheese sandwich into the toaster for perfect grilling—no pre-heating the pan, waiting to flip the sandwich, or laborious clean up afterward. Simply lift the pouch from the toaster using the integrated handles and slide your sandwich out onto your plate. It also works for grilling pitas, heating leftover pizza and more. The bags are coated with Teflon™, which is heat resistant and non-stick, so your cheese won't burn or be stuck to the bag. They're perfect for meals in a hurry, for college students with limited cooking resources, and for people with food allergies who need to avoid cross-contamination. They're also a snap to clean—simply wash with soapy water and leave them to dry. Each bag can be reused up to 50 times. Made in the United Kingdom.

Visit our blog to see our Gift Lab of the Toaster Grilled Cheese Bags working their magic to make gooey, cheesy toasted sandwiches!

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Made from
teflon, woven fiber glass
6.5" L x 6.25" W
Wash after each use (dishwasher safe).

You can make up to 50 grilled cheese sandwiches with a single Grilled Cheese Bag.

Contains 3 Grilled Cheese Bags.

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