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time capsule

by Anouk van der El
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Time in a Bottle

When designer Anouk van der El had her first son, she was moved by the tiny clothing, teddy bears, and experiences that were so precious at that time, but which she knew would eventually disappear and be forgotten. Instead of letting time take its toll, she created a time capsule, filled with these pieces of childhood, and sealed it up for her son to open as an adult.

Inspired, van der El collaborated with product and graphic designers to create this stylish version of that concept. Inside the sleek pod is a notebook to record favorite moments and memories, along with writing prompt stickers to get you going, and tape for adding photos and other keepsakes. Elegant wrapping paper adds to the fun of one day opening the capsule, and tags for labeling objects with their details or importance. A handy manual offers tips on items to gather. When ready, use the special sealing strip to close up the polypropylene time capsule until it becomes an unforgettable gift for your then-adult child to discover. Made in the Netherlands.

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Made from
stickers, paper, polypropylene
14" L x 11" W x 4" H
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Anouk van der El

TimeCapsules is a collaboration between founder Anouk van der El, the award winning product designers of Office Originair, creative collective Venour and graphic designers Mae Engelgeer & Marloes Sijm. Anouk van der El studied Marketing & Innovation in Groningen (The Netherlands) and in 2008 founded her Youth marketing consulting company, Try Out.
When her first son was born, Anouk noticed that many of the gifts they received were of a temporary nature, like baby clothing or teddy bears. Her 95-year-old grandmother, a very cool lady who has traveled all over the world, donated money for her grandson's first trip and wrote down a personal bucket list with her best travel tips for him.
Inspired by Andy Warhol, who used to collect bits of his daily life in boxes that remained sealed for 25 years, Anouk decided to put her grandmother's letter in a cardboard box together with some lovely letters, pictures, and a great package of newspapers and magazines from the date of his birth, which she got from the baby's godfather. That's when the TimeCapsules idea was born. So, there it was: a capsule to capture the important moments in life.

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