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telepathy game

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Mind Game

While this game won't actually develop your ESP, we do foresee a fun evening with family and friends in your future. An easy-to-play game of deduction for up to four people. As the game starts, each player chooses a secret spot on the colorful board. Then they take turns trying to guess the row, column, color and shape of their competitors' chosen squares, using their "Yes" or "No" to deduct the right answer. The playing cards are solidly made for long-lasting use, and the set comes with dry erase markers, rather than a pad of wasteful, disposable papers. Perfect for a game night, it's designed for players age 12 and up, and only takes 15-25 minutes to play. Made in China.

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Made from
markers, paper, card stock
11.625" L x 10.375" W x 1.75" H
Set includes: Puzzleboard tiles, gameboards, dry erase markers, and plastic marker stands.
Care instructions: Clean board with cloth or white board eraser

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