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t-shirt necklace

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String Theory

So much more than a necklace, this eye-catching, hardworking accessory can be worn in a multitude of different looks to express your style. From a necklace to a headband, a bracelet to an anklet, the strings in this scarf can be removed to make different accessories or color arrangements.

T-shirts are tubular knits and their bodies are cut from tubes of fabric to various dimensions depending on whether the tees are smalls or XX-larges. Once the bodies are cut from these tubes, there will be excess tube that is too small to have a tee body cut from, which normally would be considered waste. These T-Shirt Necklaces are made from these leftover scraps collected from apparel factories. Each necklace includes 20 strings.

Made in the USA by Green 3. For the construction of these necklaces, Green 3 partnered with Aspiro, a non-profit in Green Bay, Wisconsin that specializes in teaching job skills to cognitively disabled adults. The necklaces are cut and sewn by adults in the program, giving them an opportunity for independent living.

Each scarf may vary. Sorry, no choice of colors or length.

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Item ID
Made from
recycled organic cotton
28-32" L
machine wash cool, tumble dry low, no bleach.

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