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sweet horoscope tile

by Michael FitzGerald and Regan Morris $35.00

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Isn't That Sweet?

Is flattery in the stars for you? Present a friend or yourself with a list of your most positive astrological traits via these cute clay horoscope tile. And don't forget to add the sassy tiles to keep your ego in check. Designed by Regan Morris and Michael FitzGerald. Made in Italy.

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Item ID
Made from
ceramic, wood
7.25" L x 7.25" W
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Michael FitzGerald and Regan Morris

Living and working in Toronto, Regan Morris (a Taurus) and Michael FitzGerald (a Sagittarius) team up to make sweet and sassy horoscope tiles.

Born on opposite sides of the globe (Zimbabwe and Toronto), the pair have been partners for 23 years. Regan's background is painting, and Michael's is ceramics, and they have been collaborating on their astrology tiles for ten years, ever since Regan came upon the idea while making a birthday card for a close friend (also a Taurus). Regan does the illustrating and the two of them team up for the captions.

Regan is very obsessive (a Taurus quality) about his favorite hobby, music, while Michael's most Sagittarian quality is probably his blind optimism. Regan has one son - also a Taurus. collection

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