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sundial necklace

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Daylight Savings

Seize the day with a wearable sundial modeled after the ancient timepiece given to King Henry II by Eleanor of Aquitaine in 1152. Gifted to the king as a tool for gauging when to return from the hunt in time for their secret trysts, it's said that Henry made a replica encrusted with diamonds spelling "carpe diem" for his beloved Eleanor. An exacting sundial that accurately gauges the time of day, this authentic, sterling silver pendant is a wearable piece of history.

Rotate the dial to align its discrete hole with the current month and dangle the pendant in direct sunlight. Watch as a tiny ray of light passes through to highlight a number on the inside of its orb, showing the time of day. Includes booklet with instructions for use, historical and educational information on the Aquitaine sundial. Handmade of sterling silver in Canada.

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Made from
sterling silver
Chain 18", Pendant 1" dia
Comes with a booklet explaining how to use your sundial.

Care: Polish with a jewelry cloth. Keep away from harsh chemicals.

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