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strawberry felt birdhouse

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Sweet Tweet

Well, isn't this felted bird house just as sweet as a sun-kissed berry picked straight from the patch? It is made from 100% hand-felted, sustainably-sourced wool, and colored with 100% non-toxic dyes. Not only will it bring a summer-ripened touch to your decor, it also has a background you can sink your teeth into: it is crafted by Fair Trade artisans in Kathmandu, providing income that sustains individuals, families and communities.

Hang the berrylicious birdhouse inside as a charming, natural accent, or outside to provide housing for your feathered friends. Expect it to last a year or more in fully exposed weather. Hand felted wool is remarkably strong and durable. If placed in direct sun colors will begin to gently fade in about 2-3 months, similar to any type of dyed fabric. Natural wool is mold resistant and if left in the open air it should not mold or mildew. The 1.25" diameter opening is perfect for smaller birds, like chickadees, wrens, titmice and others, or can be enlarged for larger species like bluebirds or swallows. Birds may nest inside, or use the wool fibers to create their own nests. Birdhouse should maintain its shape outside for at least a year; colors will fade if left in direct sunlight for more than two months. Handmade in Nepal.

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Community Voted
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Made from
recycled bamboo root, hemp, sheep wool
8" H x 5" dia.; Opening: 1.5" dia.
Brush lightly to remove surface dirt, or gently hand wash with soap and cool water if desired. Do not put in washing machine or dryer. To re-shape, if needed, soak in water, reshape and dry in sun. Effects from animal use will vary. Recommended to keep away from squirrels.

Maintains structure for at least a year outdoors. Can last a lifetime indoors. Colors will gently fade over time if hung in direct sun. To avoid fading, hang in a shaded or protected area.

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Q and A

When our community voted on this product, some also shared comments - read them below:

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Cassie, UncommonGoods

This sweet little birdhouse is handcrafted by Fair Trade artisans in Kathmandu. Would you display it indoors as a colorful home accent or hang it outside for your feathered friends to enjoy?

Vote: Thumbs up!

I like it, but would probably not actually use it as a birdhouse since the color isn't going to last very long...maybe on a screened in porch.

Vote: Thumbs up!

love that it is crafted by fair trade artisans

Vote: Thumbs up!

I like it but I'm not sure how long it would last outside in a region like mine where the weather is often unpredictable.

Vote: Thumbs down!

The bird house is adorable but I'm not sure the materials used will stand up to the weather,

Vote: Thumbs up!

as a decoration only

Vote: Thumbs down!

Made from wool? I live in the Seattle area..that would mold and decay within months here. Not very durable. I wish it were its cute!

Vote: Thumbs down!

Would not stand up to the weather

Vote: Thumbs down!

very pretty but most impractical outdoors. Indoors only.

Vote: Thumbs up!

Absolutely adorable!

Vote: Thumbs up!

Fantastic way to support those in need. Its soo adorable! Gotta have it.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Not very durable!

Vote: Thumbs down!

Don't like it.

Vote: Thumbs down!

The practicality of a wool birdhouse seems slim to non- existent. Birds would sully the pretty colors with "droppings" and mud , while their claws would shred the material leaving a nondescript hanging chunk of wool. It would be advertised better as an inside decorative item.


I like it. Maybe use it as a Christmas tree ornament if it won't work outside?

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