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spaced out shadowbox

by Sara R Sandler and Deborah Fell $100.00 SALE - $39.99

Please note: the Spaced Out Shadowbox has been discontinued. After it sells out it will no longer be available.

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The Final Frontier

Explore the depths of the galaxy from the comfort of your own home—no telescope necessary!—with this stellar reuse of eye-catching fabric scraps handcrafted by mother-daughter duo, Deborah Fell and Sara Sandler-Greisberg.

During the 1970s, while pregnant with her daughter, Sara, Deborah Fell created her own quilting business, inspired greatly by the quilting movement whose participants recognized that quilts could display abstract art much like the paintings that were popular at the time. As a child, Sara grew up immersed in her mother's craft, and she watched with wonder as reams of vivid, reclaimed fabrics were snipped and stitched into snuggly works of art. When Sara started a family of her own, she teamed up with her mother to bring the tradition of quilting and handicraft to a new generation of crafters—her children.

The mother-daughter duo's darling pieces of home décor incorporate endearing touches like frayed edges and zigzag stitch work to give each piece a bit of folk art charm and to pay homage to a homey aesthetic fashioned by earlier generations of cloth artists.

This lovingly handmade art piece features a dazzling snippet of the world above and adds warmth and cheer to the rooms occupied by the littlest stargazers under your roof. Handmade in Larchmont, New York.

Due to the recycled and handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

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Item ID
Made from
glass, wood, recycled fabric, fabric paint
10" H x 8" W
Care: Contains glass, handle with care.
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Sara R Sandler and Deborah Fell

During the 1970’s while pregnant with her daughter Sara, co-founder Deborah Fell created a patchwork quilt business called the “Strawberry Patch”. Sara grew up absorbing and cultivating all the unique and creative ways in which to use these bountiful fabrics . Once she had children of her own, she began making clothes for them straight from those very fabric bins she played with as a child. Sara and Debbie have worked together on since 2009, creating unique, one of a kind appliques and artwork out of vintage and repurposed fabrics. Taking something old and remaking it into a new and modern way is at the heart of Sara and Debbie's work. Their “patchwork” fabric is created out of their own remnants - virtually EVERYTHING in the design studio gets worked into the appliques. The ultimate in recycling!! collection

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