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snap attack magnetic game


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Force of Nature

Careful... Play just one more piece... So carefully, and... SNAP! All of the pieces on the board suddenly snap into a single stack, leaving you the victim of a Snap Attack.

This nerve-testing game of skill takes traditional stacking games to a new dimension. You and another player take turns placing magnetic pieces on the board, using a strategic eye and a steady hand to avoid being the one to trigger all of the pieces to "collapse" into a single stack. The board is crafted from handsome birch wood, and is attractive enough to leave out on display where it can attract players who want a burst of fun. Some magnets made in China; all other components made in Milford, Connecticut.

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Made from
rare earth magnets, maple wood, baltic birch wood
10.13" L x 10.13" W x 0.75" H
Please note: strong magnetic field can affect functioning of hearing aids, pacemakers, and other electronic devices.

Click here to see Snap Attack rules.

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