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The Self-Powered Trash Compactor

Show garbage who is boss with this innovative trash can. Specially designed to expand and collapse, the lid is used to compact trash, thus allowing the can to hold two times more garbage than a normal trash can, which means you'll save on garbage bags, take out the trash less and send less trash (in volume) to the landfill. Plus, you'll never have to smash the trash down with your nice shoes or bare hands again! Made in Taiwan.


- Sanitary and clean, your hands never touch the garbage
- No more exposure to harmful bacteria
- Easy to clean lid and can
- Durable and sturdy
- Heavy duty stainless steel
- Large 40 liter/10.5 gallon
- Stable foot pedal and base
- Quiet, easy-open lid, prevents slamming
- Easy to use for the whole family
- Save on garbage bags
- Send less trash (in volume) to landfills

Winner of a 2010 IDEA Silver Design Award in the Home Living Category.

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Item ID
Made from
plastic, stainless steel, silicon
15.25" L x 15.25" W x 27.5" H
Care instructions included.

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