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skiing gnome-be-gone sculpture

by Fred Conlon
This item is sold out and no longer available.

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An Avalanche of Alpine Adventure

Don't get us wrong, garden gnomes can be great if you have one, or maybe two living in your yard. However, when they find a particularly comfy garden it's in their nature to invite their friends to join them, and gnome populations can quickly get out of hand; gnome migration can turn your garden from tastefully playful to overwhelmingly cute overnight. This is when it's time to invest in a Gnome-be-gone. This lively, chompy creature has a penchant for tossing gnomes and, unlike his painted ceramic prey, is welded together by hand from raw metal. Snowfall hardly slows his chase - he takes to skis to pursue gnomes in even the harshest conditions. Handmade by designer Fred Conlon in Utah.

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Item ID
Made from
recycled steel
10" L x 9.25" H
This item is intentionally designed by Fred Conlon to develop a rust patina outdoors. If the rust is not desirable, the artist recommends a clear spray paint like rust oleum or krylon.
  • the maker
Fred Conlon

Fred Conlon

Raised in Colorado, Fred Conlon lives now in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he makes garden sculptures out of recovered objects. For his helmet sculptures, he uses real recovered World War II helmets. "It is very satisfying to transform something once used in war into a peaceful garden decoration," he says. His work has been featured in Niche Magazine, the Salt Lake Tribune and HGTV. What would he be if he weren't an artist? "Happy...just kidding!" he answers. "I can't imagine doing anything else."

Click here to view a video of how Fred Conlon creates his art! collection

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