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skateback iPhone art

by Grove and MapleXO
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Call of the Wild Side

Deck your smart phone with a street-ready new look. Designer Lindsay Jo Holmes is not only an avid skateboarder, but also an admirer of the beauty in skateboards themselves. With her team, she gathers wood scraps from a skateboard factory, presses them into plywood, and cuts thin cross sections that expose and highlight the vibrant array of colors inside. This sheet is then precision cut to the phone's dimensions, hand finished, and given an adhesive to attach it securely to the back of your iPhone. The durable new deck will protect against accidental grinds, while giving your phone a makeover that will earn you some mad props. Made in Portland, Oregon.

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Community Voted
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Made from
recycled skateboards
4.45" L x 2.2" W x .09" H (Fits iPhone 4/4S)
It's important to keep your SkateBack away from moisture and extreme temperatures! Before applying it, make sure the surface of your phone is clean and free of oil and dust. Use the camera and flash holes to correctly align the SkateBack. You can expect the SkateBack to wear gracefully like fine, hand-oiled furniture and darken with age. The oils from your hand will polish your case as a result of the natural oil and wax finish. To remove, use the included plastic blade. The SkateBack is not designed for repeated removal. Warning: the SkateBack may interfere with flash photography.
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Grove and MapleXO

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