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silicone lemon press - set of 2

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Your Main Squeeze

Sometimes, it seems like the lemon is the fussiest fruit. Too tart to eat on its own, we usually have no choice but to squeeze out its juice if we'd like to use it at all. But anyone who has made lemonade by hand knows that handling this fickle fruit is sure to put one in a sour mood. It squirts in all directions, stinging small cuts and splashing into eyes, it drops its seeds without warning, and slips from even the firmest grip. And forget about using just one half, the lemon would rather dry out than join you for a second serving of tea.

For those times when you need just a spritz of citrus to brighten up a bland dish, drink or dessert, keep the lemon in line with these 100% platinum silicone squeezers that let you squirt and store lemons all in one handy kitchen gadget. This brilliant little helper allows you to squeeze exactly the amount juice you desire, free of seeds and without risk of spatters, and it also seals around the lemon halves in the refrigerator retaining maximum freshness. To use, simply cut the lemon (or lime) in half, place in the basket, squeeze, then plug the spout with stopper and store the remaining half in the refrigerator for later use.

Silicone doesn't break like glass and doesn't rust like metals, plus you can easily fold and store products made with this flexible material without deforming them. It also repels water and germs so, apart from easy maintenance, this silicone squeezer also guarantees maximum hygiene. Made in Spain.

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Made from
2.5"H, 3.3" dia
Microwave safe, dishwasher safe.

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