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self watering planter

by Joey Roth $50.00

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Drink Up!

Inspired by Olla, an ancient irrigation tool that farmers still use to conserve water in arid climates, designer (and former UncommonGoods copywriter) Joey Roth designed this self-watering planter. "I came up with the design as I was researching irrigation methods for my garden," Roth said. "I live in Southern California, and too much water would be lost to evaporation if I used a hose or sprinkler."

In this design, Roth brings the elegance of this irrigation method above ground and even indoors by recreating Olla in tasteful, unglazed earthenware. Soil and plants are placed in the outer donut-shaped chamber, and the center chamber is filled with water. The unglazed terracotta's natural porosity allows the water to move from the center chamber and into the soil, based on the soil's moisture level, and thus the plant's thirst. The terracotta wall both regulates and filters the water, and a simple lid on the top of the water chamber prevents evaporation. Made in Yixing, China.

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Made from
8" dia x 6" H; 4.5 lbs
Soil capacity: 2.5 liters. Water capacity: 0.4 liters. Designed for up to three herbs or six succulents.
Care instructions: wash with water only, do not use soap.
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Joey Roth

Brooklyn designer (and former UncommonGoods copywriter), Joey Roth uses stories as the initial sketches for his designs. He thinks about characters, scenes and conversations, then designs an object that will feed this narrative. He's fascinated by the meanings that designed objects convey and by ritual behavior.

Roth used to be a student of creative writing, and loved it because it allowed him to construct entire worlds for his characters. He now tells stories through product design, and still strives to make each product an immersive world.

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