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sapeli mahogany bentwood men's ring

by James Nord
This item is sold out and no longer available.

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Touch Wood

The concentric rings found within a tree's trunk tell us the story of its lifecycle, from seed, to sapling, to towering giant. These gorgeous, arboreal rings pay homage to these natural giants as they allow you to commemorate life's many milestones.

These earthy rings are fabricated using a traditional Scandinavian technique that involves steam bending the wood in response to its natural grain. (In an effort to stay true to tradition, artisans actually fabricate many of the tools used!) To create each ring, the wood is heated and cooled to form the ring structure, and then files, knives and calipers are used to shape the ring. The wood's natural oils are replaced with a polymer in order to give each piece strength, durability and enduring beauty.

To give rings a rich, professional polish, artisans sand and shine every piece by hand. As the artisans go through the ring-making process, the use of tools becomes less necessary, so the final tool used to finish the ring is simply the hand of its maker. Handmade by James Nord in South Dakota.

Sizing: For accurate sizing, we advise getting measured at your local jeweler and referencing the dimensions.

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Item ID
Made from
maple, mahogany
1.7 " W x .87-.94" Dia.
Care Instructions: Wax as desired
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James Nord

Bojt Studio is a small studio specializing in hand crafting quality bentwood rings. The studio was founded by with the intent to produce a simple product that makes people happy. We are artisans who make custom Bentwood Rings in the traditional Scandinavian style. Bojt Studio Rings are born of hardwood, and handcrafted into comfortable rings of incredible durability. I have been designing and making places and products for people for decades. Bentwood Rings combine the elements of craft, science, technology and art... and wrap them into a piece of wearable art. With the bending of each ring, we are amazed at the beauty of the materials. There is great satisfaction in sharing the rings with the wearer. Many select a ring to mark a special event or milestone in their lives, and we are happy to mark that step with them.

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