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recycled glass tree globes - renewal

by Stephen Kitras $45.00
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Colorful Journeys

Celebrate the journeys that inspire us to love, grow and move forward, with Stephen Kitras' mesmerizing, recycled glass orbs. Flush with an inner trunk and budding branches, their vibrant canopies catch light and cast a dance of color to inspire your next great adventure. Hand-blown in Canada. Not intended as a tree ornament. Sold individually.

Happiness (blue/orange): When you realize that your fulfillment in life comes from all that surrounds you, you've reached a true state of happiness. When we look at a tree full of life swaying in the wind to the rhythm of life, we are reminded of the pure bliss that is happiness.

Rebirth (green/white): Whether we overcome a challenge ready to start over or push forward with a renewed strength, it marks an exciting, new beginning... Just as a tree goes through cycles of death and then rebirth so do we, each time growing stronger.

Creativity (purple/blue): By looking to nature we can find inspiration to create great art, make big decisions and move forward in new directions. The tree of creativity reminds us to think creatively to break down barriers and reach for new heights.

Passion (red/orange): Passion drives us to reach for new heights, champion causes and be close to the ones we love. The tree of passion reminds us to find our passions, as they bring purpose and abundance to our lives.

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Made from
recycled glass
6" dia.
Not intended for use as a holiday tree ornament. Indoor and outdoor safe due to sealed glass.
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Stephen Kitras

Stephen Kitras

Stephen Kitras began work as a glass blower in 1988. He worked alone for five years handling all the production and administrative tasks. He and his wife then shipped the product from their dining room table.

In 1994 Kitras Art Glass was formed with Stephen's wife Elke as a partner in the corporation. In this year the single most important factor in the company's growth was the start of exports to the United States.

By 2001 the company had expanded to over 40 employees and a new facility was built to accomodate the increased production demands. Stephen continues to handle all the new product development and oversees the training of staff.

In 1999 the company suffered the loss of Elke Kitras to Leukemia, but the vision that she and Stephen developed for the company continues to thrive. It is the mission of Kitras Art Glass to design and produce beautiful glass objects for the enjoyment of the general public. It is the company's belief that beautiful things enhance the enjoyment of everyday life. When surrounded by beauty the spirit is uplifted. The company also believes that beautiful objects should be affordable, not only for the elite. collection

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