recycled bottle coat rack

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Don't Wine, Just Hang Up Your Coat!

Hang up your coat and have a drink. This fresh and innovative coat rack features the top portions of wine bottles rescued before they went to the landfill. Elegant and interesting, these different colored bottle necks affixed to glass will look stunning hanging on your walls. Personalize your reclaimed wine bottle coat rack by putting your own memorable corks in the bottles.

The rack comes with a set of four clasps. The clasps secure the rack with the screws provided. Make sure the clasps are positioned over wall studs for secure fastening. Do not install behind a door where it might get crushed. Do not hang excessive weight - designed to withstand weight from up to four heavy coats. It is advised to have a certified contractor install this rack. Handmade in Wisconsin.

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Item ID
Made from
recycled glass bottles
20" L x 3.5" W x 5" D
due to the recycled nature of this item, bottles may vary.

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