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random acts of kindness kits

by Boom Boom $10.00 - 15.00

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Become a Card Carrying
Member of the Revolution

Change the world in four easy steps with these intentional act of kindness kits. With the 26 cards in each, you'll find yourself picking up someone else's tab at a restaurant, writing a letter to someone who inspired you, picking up the trash on your street, giving genuine compliments and so much more! The coolest thing about Boom Boom! cards is that you can create a chain reaction of covert kindness that could theoretically travel around the world!

How to play:

1) Do the revolutionary act of kindness on the card.

2) Go to boomboomrevolution.com and tell your story and upload pictures and video.

3) Pass the card on to anyone (a friend, a stranger, your mom).

4) Follow your card on the website's map as it moves across the globe!

Created by Mary Beth Campbell (Chief Revolutionary Officer) and Helene Scott (Chief Creative Instigator) to incite an "uprising of guerilla goodness." Click here to read the story.

Comes with calling card note pad and canvas carrying sack; pencil not included. Cards made of 30-100% post consumer recycled paper. Made in the USA.

Available in the following (sold separately):

Original: Set of 26 cards that encourage you, your friends and passersby to act on good intentions.

Family: Designed with children and families in mind, the Family Deck includes an interactive "Command Central" activity board with stickers to keep track of your Family's progress, discussion cards to inspire meaningful family conversation and do-it-yourself cards so kids can make their own.

Teen: Playful prompts written for high-energy teenagers make motivating and inspiring goodwill a fun, everyday activity.

Click to see some of the random acts of kindness:
Original (1)
Original (2)
Original (3)
Teen (1)
Teen (2)
Teen (3)

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Item ID
Made from
recycled paper
Box: 7" L x 5" W x 5/8" H; Cards: 3.5" L x 2.5" W, 26 cards
Sold separately. Pencil not included.
  • the maker

Boom Boom

Like the boomerang, we believe whatever thoughts, actions and/or words you put out into the world eventually find their way back to you, but not before covering a lot of ground a long the way. What's the quickest and simplest way to communicate this karmic notion? By saying, "Boom Boom". You put it out...it comes back.

The more we used the phrase, the more it started to take on a life of its own. While the underlying sentiment was always the same...you get back what you give...the subtlety around its different uses started to emerge. Suddenly, shouting an enthusiastic "Boom Boom!" when we ran into a friend felt better and more expressive than, "Good to see you." When walking out the door, saying "Boom Boom" worked just as well as goodbye. If we needed an expression of celebration or congratulations we found ourselves doing the ol' fist pound and exclaiming, "Boom BOOM!" And when someone did something nice for us, a simple "Boom Boom" expressed our gratitude in a way that "thanks" just didn't quite equal.

After using the phrase for a few years and having other people pick up on it we started to wonder if there wasn't something more there. Ultimately, Boom Boom had become more than an expression. It had become an attitude. A way of life. This led us to wonder: could there be a whole culture of Boom Boom? Could we incite a global revolution of kindness powered by Boom Boom? What if the world had just a little bit more Boom Boom? What would happen? So, we thought we'd see what we could do about it.

And that brings us to here. To this idea and the fruition of what everyone agreed was a far too crazy, far too nice, and far too altruistic idea: that Boom Boom could change the world.

It is a revolution in every sense of the word and we're glad you're with us, filling the world with more "Boom Boom!" Thanks for joining the cause.

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