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rain drops art

by Jenn Bell
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Copper Showers Bring Wall Flowers

Grow your budding art collection with Jenn Bell's enchanting, copper wall art bursting with newborn sproutlings in a mist of warm rain. A luminous motif that breathes new life into your home decor, its delicate wire droplets, enamel buds and glossy patina make it a versatile accent for bedrooms, baby rooms or any wall needing a touch of texture. Bell handcrafts each one-of-a-kind piece by fusing crushed glass to a sheet of copper. Handmade in Pennsylvania.

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Item ID
Made from
copper, glass, enamel
Approx. 8" L x 5" W x 1" D
Comes ready-to-hang. Clean with damp cloth.
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Jenn Bell

Jenn Bell


my eyes have always wanted to put things in places, my hands to build things.
at kutztown university, i loved working with metal.
i studied jewelry design.
i made horrible jewelry.
it was huge and hurt to wear
"excuse me, im saving this seat for my bracelet
or it was terribly unoriginal and china could make it much cheaper.
one semester an enameling class started two hours later than the 8 am jewelry class
i hated enamel at our first introduction but loved the idea of those 2 hours
i'd figure something out
enamel and i made nice
it was all i wanted to do, i enameled everything
it didn't make the jewelry any better though
i graduated and bought a kiln
my kiln and i would figure something out
and hopefully move out of my parents basement

fast forward through some waitressing and mindnumbing office type work
i was moping around scranton
trying to figure out how to make people buy my bad jewelry
it doubles as a weapon?
still figuring things out
a friend opened a little gallery and knowing i was some kind of artist person asked if i wanted to hang some work
in my head i said "i make jewelry, it hangs on ears
out loud i said "sure" and "bartender, get this man a drink"
for my first project in that enamel class i had made tiny tiles
and of course i tried to hang them on people's necks
i figured i could do that, but bigger and hang them on walls
and i did
and now i do.

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