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pukara tray

by Robert M. Weiss
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Peruvian Platter

Even the most normal food and drinks will seem exotic when resting on this unusual and striking serving tray. This functional work of art was designed by Robert M. Weiss and then recreated by Peruvian artisans through the process of reverse painting on glass. This is a meticulous process of painting the design in reverse, then placing the glass paint-side down in the frame; the handmade quality can be seen in every detail. Between the gold-dusted wood and exquisite glass, earthy colors like bright rust, deep gold and tranquil blues with hints of silver and gold glow in a mesmerizing pattern of geometric shapes, figures and designs from Peruvian folk art. Ancient and a bit mysterious, these designs seem to pulse with life and history. Handmade in Peru.

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Item ID
Made from
glass, wood
20" L x 8" W x 2" H
wipe with damp cloth. do not submerge in water.
  • the maker

Robert M. Weiss

New York designer Robert Weiss works in collaboration with artisans in Peru to create one-of-a-kind handmade pieces. The artisans use Old World techniques of reverse painting. The process requires the design to be meticulously painted in the reverse on the glass and then, placed paint-side down into the frame.

Reverse painting on glass is a very old art style brought by the Spaniards to Peru in the 1400s. When the Spaniards settled in Peru they brought many of their household items from Spain. Reverse painting on glass became ingrained in the art and craft movement of Peru, becoming a well-defined part of the vernacular of everyday products and household goods.

With the advent of the computer age, fewer and fewer Peruvian youth are assuming the career of artisan. Hence many Old World techniques, such as reverse painting are no longer being passed on. The creations of Weiss and the Peruvian artisans represent a glorious and proud heritage within the Peruvian art movement.

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