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Fun at Your Fingertips

These sculptural crayons transform coloring into a playtime adventure. They're still the go-to tool for your children to create fantastic, colorful pictures, but instead of the usual stick shape, they take the form of hollow cones with a bulbous end. Not only is the shape great for easy gripping by little hands, but the crayons are fun to stack into towers, or arrange into patterns. They dance on fingertips like puppets, and can be threaded onto twine for a rainbow necklace. The cone shape also means that instead of rolling off the table and underneath the sofa, they spin around in playful circles. Certified non-toxic by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, USA. Packaging is 100% recyclable. Made in Korea.

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Item ID
Made from
paraffin wax
Each Playon Crayon: 2.17" L x 1.3" Dia.; Packaging: 4.15" L x 2.75" W x 3.55" H
Crayons are sold as a set of 12.

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