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neuron necklace

by Tiffany Ard $65.00

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Master of Science in Accessorizing

Add brainpower to your baubles with this nerd-tastic pendant decked out with science class doodles of neurons! Handmade by self-proclaimed nerdy husband-and-wife team Tiffany and Kevin Ard of sterling silver in Georgia and inspired by Tiffany Ard's Nerd Flashcards.

"Millions and millions of these special cells do all of the thinking that you do. They make you you!" says artist Tiffany Ard.

Each comes with a card describing your science jewelry.

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Item ID
Made from
sterling silver
Chain: 18" L, Pendant: 1" L x 1" H
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Tiffany Ard

"Mom? I figured something out. I think I might be a nerd," said a young Tiffany Ard.

"Oh honey, don't say that!"

"My mom cried actual tears that night and worried out loud about my self-esteem, and where she went wrong, and why I couldn't love shopping and cute boys like all the other seventh-grade girls."

"But it's her own fault. She married the kind of guy who writes math formulas on the wall next to the toilet because he has an idea or a question and doesn't want to forget to look it up later. What did she expect? Cool children?"

Many years after artist Tiffany Ard discovered her inner-nerd, and after the birth of her own son, she started a line of Nerdy Baby products. As a new mom, Ard felt overwhelmed by all the products designed to make babies smart and successful, so she decided to take the "brilliant baby" idea to the extreme.

Tiffany lives in Georgia with her husband and two children.

Visit the blog to read our Q&A with Tiffany!


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