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Ready to Grow

With just a spray of mist twice a day, this low-maintenance, DIY mushroom kit will grow up to a pound and a half of gourmet pearl oyster mushrooms in as little as 10 days! Everything you need to get growing—the mister, instructions and box—is included, plus a natural soil substrate composed of recycled plant materials, such as corncobs, wheat bran, and oak shavings. Each kit grows 2–4 crops. Made in Oakland, California.

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Made from
oak wood, wheat, corn, oyster mushroom spawn
4.5" L x 3.5" W x 11" H; 3 lbs.
Please note: This box contains a living mushroom root, so don't be surprised by what's inside! Most kits, when opened, will contain a white substance; this is the healthy mycelium (mushroom roots) ready to grow as soon as it's slit open. Kits are inoculated with oyster mushroom spawn after being thoroughly sterilized.

Mushrooms grown in a high altitude or dry climate might require a little extra attention. Soak the bag for at least 24 hours, spritz at least to 3-4 times per day and give your mushrooms a home in your garage, basement, closet or cupboard to avoid exposure to increased dryness from heating and AC systems.

Please note: not for customers or recipients with mushroom allergies.
Could take up to as many as 30 days to sprout.
Oyster mushrooms - the kind contained in the kit -love fresh air.

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