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molinillo: hot cocoa frother

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Mexican Hot Chocolate

Bring a treasured custom (and delicious treat!) into your home with this traditional Mexican kitchen tool, the Molinillo. Hand carved from solid wood and burned slightly for darker shades, the Molinillo is designed to create rich, frothy pots of hot chocolate from scratch.

Its slender handle makes it easy to twist between your palms, while its smooth pestle bottom softens and grinds chocolate as it dissolves in hot milk. Loose rings aid in whipping air into hot chocolate and eventually results in frothy top. Made in Mexico. Each is one-of-a-kind and may vary in size.

The History of Hot Chocolate: Chocolate drinks made from the seeds of cacao trees played a significant role in lives of the ancient peoples of Mexico. They poured them from one cup into another since the "spirit of the drink" was said to be in the froth. Wooden molinillos are used today to froth hot chocolate.

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Item ID
Made from
Approximate Dimensions 14" L x 3" W (at its widest point)
Hand wash recommended. Darkens with use. Includes instructions for use.

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