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Please note, the Modern Art Doodle Book has been discontinued. When it sells out, it will no longer be available.

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Drawn to Create

This masterpiece of a sketchbook takes fine art right off the museum walls, and puts it into your own hands. It introduces some of the masterpieces of modern art, but instead of keeping them at a distance, it focuses on the artists' creative process and gives you the freedom to try out their techniques for yourself. On one page, you might learn about cubism from Picasso, explore surrealism with Joan Miró, or dive into Jackson Pollock's splattered canvases. Then, on the opposite page, fragments of their masterpieces are reproduced with plenty of white space, allowing you to doodle your own inspired creation. A fun and creative book, it's a great tool for both learning art history and getting in touch with your inner artist. Made in the UK.

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12" L X 8.5" W, 128 pages

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