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meditation box

by Jayne Riew $85.00

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Lines In The Sand

Take a moment for yourself as you give your creativity an oasis for private reflections, hidden thoughts, and creative yearnings. Inspired by the transitory and forgiving nature of sand, artist Jayne Riew designed this meditation box for artists, writers, and other creative professionals with lots of mental traffic. Fine grains of sand shift and swirl with your imagination and engage the mind in a way that a blank canvas or paper cannot. A soft velvet layer lines the base, creating a soothing sensation as the stylus makes its mark.

The compact size of a tablet, this meditation box can be used as an innovative escape at your desk or bedside table to encourage meditative calm. Made in High Ridge, Missouri.

Visit the blog to learn more about Jayne's inspiration for the Mediation Box.

Check out the Custom Meditation Box.

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Made from
velvet, white sugar silica sand, Birch plywood
8.25" H x 10.25" W x .75" D
Includes approx 4 oz. of sand
  • the maker
Jayne Riew

Jayne Riew

Jayne Riew makes books and boxes designed to promote introspection or documentation, or help identify the unspoken or unexpressed. When it comes to toxic emotions in particular, acknowledging unwanted thoughts is hard enough. Having a personal space with a lid or cover can invite the practice. Meditation Box has multiple applications. It can be used when a person is “stuck” in a creative process by doodling in a way one can't with a keyboard; or used to write things we don’t want to leave exposed on paper; or used meditatively to promote calm before bedtime (instead of reaching for digital media which we expect will be relaxing but usually leads to stolen sleep). Blank journal books can taunt us with their blankness, or make us cringe when we re-read what we’ve written, but writing in sand is forgiving in every way. collection

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