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mead making kit

by Norse Hutchens $55.00

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Mead-ium Rare

Ask for mead at your local liquor store and you may be met with a puzzled look, but you can start your own honey wine revival with this comprehensive mead making kit. A golden, honey-based liquor, mead is the ancestor of all fermented beverages, originating in Asia over 9,000 years ago. It also flows through the history of the ancient world and medieval Europe, and inspires the familiar term "honeymoon" (the first month of marriage, when couples would toast with mead). This kit makes you part of this rich and exclusive history with everything you'll need to make a half gallon of your own mead to celebrate your honeymoon or share with friends and family.

Assembled in Illinois with the following components:
One Gallon Glass Carboy
Carboy Cap
Cane Siphon
Siphon Filter Cap
Stopper with Hole
No-Rinse Sanitizer
Florida Harvest Organic Honey
Oak Chips

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Made from
plastic, honey, yeast, Glass, oak chips
Packaging: 11" L x 8" W x 8" H
Kit includes: 1/2 gallon jug, plastic tubing, rubber stopper, cleaner, honey, oak chips, yeast, mead additives, instructions. Ingredients make 1/2 gallon of mead. Equipment can be reused to make many more batches. Care: Store in a temperature controlled environment

Warning: Home brewing additives and ingredients may cause harm if used other than as labeled.

Sanitizer Warning Label: Keep out of reach of children

First Aid:

Eyes: Immediately flush with water for 15 minutes, seek medical attention.

Skin: Remove contaminated clothing, wash with cool water for 15 minutes, seek medical attention. Wear impervious gloves.

Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, drink large quantities of water or milk, seek medical attention. Avoid breathing dust

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Norse Hutchens

Norse Hutchens' first experience with home-brewing came from watching his Dad and Uncles as they got together late on weekend nights to bring to life their latest homebrew recipe. Since then, Norse has developed a passion for home-brewing that has followed him, his entire life. There’s a simplicity and ‘magical’ chemistry to the whole process that amazes him and keeps his passion fresh. It’s incredible that four or five core ingredients combined with the imagination of a home brewer can produce near endless results.

Since his early first experience,he has made it a personal quest to seek out, research and explore the best ways to make the most flavorful and satisfying home brew recipes. With the help of a community of friends and Brew Masters from across the nation Norse has put together a number of kits that compile years of collective experience and trade secrets. Each of the kits that are offered highlight an approachable recipe and method that are meant to lead the beginner into the complex craft of home brewing and offer the veteran a satisfying experience with a delicious result. collection

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