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marimo moss ballpoint pen

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Full of Life

Bring your writing to life with glass artist Melissa Boyle's charming handmade pen that suspends a tiny plant at its cork-topped base. The Marimo is a living moss (or algae) ball found growing in lakes in Iceland, Scotland, Japan, and Estonia exclusively. Each lake's current swirls the little plant around and around so it grows naturally into a petite pom-pom shape. This curious creature's name is a portmanteau of two Japanese words, "mari" meaning "bouncy ball," and "mo" a term for plants that grow underwater. The sweet, sphere-shaped Marimo is adored around the globe: the Japanese believe that it will bring good luck, and in Iceland it is believed that if you take good care of Marimo ball, it will "make your wishes come true."

Melissa lets you take this tiny good-luck charm with you wherever creativity strikes. Functioning like a miniature fish bowl, an elegant borosilicate sphere cradles a tiny Marimo that will grow slowly over time as you sign, scribble, and sketch. To care for your Marimo, simply change its water ever one to two weeks (more frequently during the summer) and use and store your pen in daylight to encourage photosynthesis. Made in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Made from
cork, borosilicate glass, ink, marimo moss ball
Pen: 6.75" L; Aquarium: 1" dia.
Care instructions: The marimo moss ball is a living plant. It does need some indirect sunlight. The water needs to be changed out every 2-3 weeks. Removal of the moss ball from the mini aquarium is not necessary, just remove the cork, run room temperature tap water into the opening of the pen until the water has been changed out and put the cork back in the aquarium to seal it.
The moss ball grows very slowly. . . about 1 cm per year. It can be removed from the aquarium any time by emptying the water out of the pen, hold the pen upside down so the ball lies over the opening and remove it with your fingers or tweezers. It can be reshaped by rolling it around with your fingertips or in the palm of your hands.
The ink cartridge of the pen can be replaced any time with a standard ballpoint pen insert

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