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lollibird mugs

by Tyson and Jessica Geib
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Pretty Birds

Why should you drink coffee out of a paper cup? Who says that dishes can't be beautiful and fun?

Whimsical, delightful and handmade with extreme attention to detail, these sturdy yet lightweight mugs by artists Tyson and Jessica Geib are sure to bring you joy every time you use them. Bold, rich colors coat the inside of each, while calming cream is the perfect canvas for the pretty designs and intricate details.

The Process: Each piece is thrown on the potter's wheel by Tyson using a porcelain clay body. It is then painted with the homemade underglazes by Jessica. The pieces then go into a bisque kiln and come out ready to dip in glaze. Both the the inside color and the outer clear glaze recipes were developed by Tyson for maximum beauty and durability. After one more time in the kiln, the artists apply their homemade decals, which are derived from Jessica's original pen and ink drawings, and it's back into the kiln for a third firing which fuses the decals into the surface of the glaze. Handmade in Ohio.

This item has been discontinued. When it sells out, it will no longer be available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Only blue is available at this time.

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Item ID
Made from
porcelain ECO silk paper
Mug: 4" H, 12 oz.
Lead-free, food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.
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Tyson and Jessica Geib

Tyson and Jessica Geib

Tyson and Jessica Geib's pottery line was the result of a chain of events that neither one of its artists would have ever predicted. Jessica, growing up outside of Luckey, Ohio, always wanted to make things and sell them. Tyson, growing up in Fremont, Ohio, was obsessive compulsive with an affinity for the tedious and the detailed, which eventually lead him to a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Bowling Green State University with a focus in ceramics.

They met at a production pottery studio in northwest Ohio, where they were co-workers for five years before they realized they were perfect for one another. They decided to get engaged, and shortly after that, lost their jobs on exactly the same day. So they decided to start their own pottery studio.

After a lovely wedding, they spent the whole summer rearranging the house to accommodate the studio. Tyson then spent the entire autumn developing glazes and an appropriate firing schedule, after having given himself a crash course in glaze chemistry. Jessica developed patterns and created drawings to use as decals. Success, as they defined it, seemed elusive at times, especially when their son's premature birth halted everything.

After taking a couple weeks off, Tyson was mixing up experiments again, and finally figured out a glaze recipe that looked great and they both loved. And so the beat goes on...each day is filled with children, laughter, frustrations, satisfaction, stress, family, pottery, and above all - the question, "What are we going to make for dinner?"

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