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lobster lawn sculpture

by Fred Conlon $45.00

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Deep Sea Treasure!

This cheerful crustacean by metalsmith Fred Conlon brings the charms of both the sea and the toolshed to any spot in your home. Handmade from both new and recycled parts, this bold bottom-feeder has real pliers for claws and bold bolts for eyes and legs. The industrial, recycled look of this sea creature only enhances its hardy charm! The perfect summer companion, whether it washes up in your garden or on your pool deck! Handmade in Utah.

Click here to view a video of how Fred Conlon creates his industrial art!

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Made from
reclaimed steel
13" L x 10" W
  • the maker
Fred Conlon

Fred Conlon

Raised in Colorado, Fred Conlon lives now in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he makes garden sculptures out of recovered objects. For his helmet sculptures, he uses real recovered World War II helmets. "It is very satisfying to transform something once used in war into a peaceful garden decoration," he says. His work has been featured in Niche Magazine, the Salt Lake Tribune and HGTV. What would he be if he weren't an artist? "Happy...just kidding!" he answers. "I can't imagine doing anything else."

Click here to view a video of how Fred Conlon creates his art! collection

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