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lithe clock

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Our perception of time is elastic: sometimes it flies, sometimes it stands still, but most clocks present it in the same fashion—regimental hands marching around a circular instrument with predictable precision. With its long, thin, flexible steel hands, the Lithe Clock is a more elegant and utterly unique representation of time. As the hours pass, the hands rise, bend, wilt and fall in a fluid dance. The ceramic base provides a sturdy platform for the slender, reed-like hands—counterbalanced by brass weights—to perform their lithe choreography through the course of the day. The clock comes with stickers and a template to create a clock face on the wall around the base. Handmade in Israel.

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Community Voted
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Made from
brass, ceramic, powder coated spring steel
Base: 5.9" dia; Hour Lithe: 16.5" L; Minute Lithe: 38" L
Instructions included.

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