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layered grinder and shaker set

by Gregg W. Palm $99.00

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Luxurious Layers

Drawing upon his experience as an engineer, designer Gregg W. Palm brings an eye for detail and precision machinery to his inventive layering of various woods in creating these heirloom--quality pepper mills and salt shakers. His palette of contrasting woods--from familiar cherry and maple, to exotic varieties like black limba--makes eye-catching arrays of color and grain (dark for pepper, light for salt) that instill these everyday kitchen or table accessories with extraordinary beauty. Each piece is finished by hand with an extremely durable epoxy-like topcoat for a delightfully satiny feel. The stainless steel grinding mechanism on the pepper mill is guaranteed for life and is fully adjustable. Handmade in Michigan.

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Made from
stainless steel, maple wood, red cedar wood, limber
2" L x 2" W x 6" H
Wipe with a damp cloth
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Gregg W. Palm

Artist, Woodworker, Engineer - "My work reflects a lifelong curiosity for the intricacies of how things are made and embraces the natural beauty and subtle variations of wood. As a child, I was obsessed with objects, curious about how and why they were made. I took things apart, examined each part individually, and evaluated its qualities. In high school shop class, I discovered that by using tools and machines, I could transform raw materials into useful, appealing objects. I work in wood because of its warmth and infinite variations and have chosen the segmented wood technique for the technical and analytical challenges it poses. The different pieces used for each segment are oriented based on grain strength and cut to precise measurements to ensure strong bonds between the segments. Blanks are then formed and glued together to produce the rough shape. The finished product highlights the subtle beauty of the wood while radiating its tactile, aesthetic, and practical appeal. Every piece I create is an original. By joining the different varieties of wood I create, not only a union of beauty, but endless possibilities. I see and draw out all of the dimensions, textures, and differences. I let each piece of wood be what it is...unique. The segmenting technique gives me the flexibility to show endless color and texture combinations while eliminating restrictions. It is this mathematical combination that results in seemingly fluid lines, smooth curves, and perfection. Seeing these pieces come together gives me a complete feeling of satisfaction and gratification. I have found my true passion, using different materials to create something with my own two hands that is not only unique but is also something you can admire, feel, and use. It is my belief in my work that enabled me to take this leap in my life. However, without the support of my family, friends and customers, I would still be sitting behind a desk feeling empty, rather than ending my work day, thinking about my next creative endeavor."

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