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indoor boho bocce game

by benefits and history of Bocce
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Bocce Is Beautiful

Masquerading as a stylish home decoration, these beautiful handcrafted felt balls are actually a new way to enjoy the popular game of Bocce. Bring the century-old game to your home with this soft ball set that is as attractive as it is fun (not to mention safe to play inside the house). The perfect way to get family and friends interacting, Bocce is a competitive, strategic game that's easy to learn and will provide hours of entertainment. Handmade in Nepal using 100% wool felt and Swiss dyes, this Bocce set comes in a decorative basket with instructional pamphlet, to-go bag and measuring string.

Click here to read about the benefits and history of Bocce.

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Made from
100% wool, wood
basket: 16" L x 8" W x 8.5" H; balls: 3.5" dia
Ages 8 and up. Hand wash.
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benefits and history of Bocce

The early Egyptians are believed to have played a version of the game. A painting of two boys playing a Bocce-style game was found in an Egyptian tomb dated to 5200 B.C.

From Egypt, the game made its way to Greece and then to Rome. Early Greek physicians advised patients to play Bocce as therapeutic exercise. Roman soldiers played a game like Bocce during the Punic Wars in the Third Century B.C., using stones instead of balls. Later, the Romans played the game with coconuts they brought back from Africa.

During the Middle Ages, Bocce was banned by both kings and the church, saying that it took people's attention away from the military or led to gambling.

Legend has it that English Admiral Sir Francis Drake was playing Bocce when he was told that an attack by the Spanish armada was imminent. His response: "First, we finish the game, then we have time for the invincible armada."

Information courtesy of Outside In Games, LLC.

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