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iloveny cup

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Get Yourself Mugged

New Yorkers have always been known for their street-wise, tough-guy attitudes. But in 1977, legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser opened up the softer side of the city with his now-iconic "I Love New York" logo. Now the locals are willing to offer directions to lost tourists before pushing them out of the way, and you're more likely to feel robbed by the high price of a latte than at knifepoint.

Show your love for the self-proclaimed "Capital of the World" with this officially licensed mug. It's designed to look like a disposable paper coffee cup, but it's made from durable ceramic. Made in Thailand.

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Community Voted
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Made from
3.8" H, 10 oz. capacity; Top Diameter 3.15"; Bottom Diameter 2.15"
Dishwasher safe and microwave safe.

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Q and A

When our community voted on this product, some also shared comments - read them below:

297votes, 39 comments

Cassie, UncommonGoods Community Moderator

We love our hometown, so of course we just had to feature this potential new good in our voting app! Would you carry this ceramic mug on your way to the subway in the morning? How about our friends across the country--would you like this mug as a reminder of NY as a favorite vacation spot? We can't wait to find out whether this iconic logo will enter our lineup.

Vote: Thumbs up!

I wouldn't carry it around but I would definitely send one to my friends that have moved from NYC to other states. I have at least half a dozen and at that price, I can afford to send one to all of them!

Vote: Thumbs down!

I have seen stuff like this everywhere. The I <3 NY brand is overused. Bored.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Meh. Bored with NY-centric stuff.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Stuff like this is all over the place and it is much nicer to get it at a souvenir shop so you can actually say I went there and got this! I love the fact that it's reusable, but because it doesn't have a lid it can't be transported. Plus, it's made in Thailand, those poor people in Thailand...

Vote: Thumbs down!

Not a new Yorker. Don't think so.

Vote: Thumbs down!

What's uncommon about this? Nada. Skip it, please.

Vote: Thumbs up!

Milton Glaser is a design genius.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Cute but really? MORE I Love NY stuff? I think everyone is over it.

Vote: Thumbs down!

You can probably buy the identical, or close enough in look item IN 'the city'. Pulease.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Great price, cute (if not original) mug, but I do not love New York and am over this graphic.

Vote: Thumbs down!

I <3 NY but not enough to have it made in the US.

Katie C., Houston, TX
Vote: Thumbs down!

enough already.

Vote: Thumbs up!

i like it but i would like it more if it came with a rubber cap to make it a to go cup.

Vote: Thumbs down!

I might be tempted to buy this if it had a lid.


Not a fan, over-marketed brand, too common for uncommon.

Vote: Thumbs down!

This has been overdone.

Vote: Thumbs up!

I really like this and would so buy it for that price!

Vote: Thumbs down!

Way over used and boring!

Vote: Thumbs up!

I <3 IT!

Vote: Thumbs down!

Maybe more states other than NY.

Vote: Thumbs up!

I love New York and I love this logo. The cup is a bit impractical - needs a handle or a top but I would buy it.

Vote: Thumbs down!

please make it in the usa

Vote: Thumbs down!

It's made in Thailand and New Yorkers have too much attitude already.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Thailand made - no thanks! We need to be promoting USA products!!!

Vote: Thumbs down!

what's up i love ny! what about LA!!! give the west coast some luvin will ya!!!

Vote: Thumbs down!

no handle? and it doesn't even resemble the paper cups actually used in NYC.

Vote: Thumbs down!

I can buy the same thing in China Town for 2 bucks.

Cassie, UncommonGoods Community Moderator

Hello, Voters! We're happy to see the feedback for this mug come pouring in! There's still time to vote, and we can wait to see the verdict. Keep in mind that this mug is made from sturdy ceramic and has an unusual "paper cup" design, making it stand out against the souvenir shop merchandise. Would you drink your morning coffee from this fun little cup?

Vote: Thumbs up!

Always a great gift.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Nothing new here.

Vote: Thumbs down!

If it actually looked like a paper cup, that would be cool. It just looks like an ordinary ceramic cup. Reminds me of something that would be at a $3 touristy gift shop. Also, for traveling outside of home, it would need one of those rubberized lids.

Vote: Thumbs down!

I <3 NY, but made in Thailand?

Vote: Thumbs down!

I LOVE Boston!!!!!

Vote: Thumbs up!

It's not very "uncommon", but it's cute. As a New Yorker (at heart), I love it.

Vote: Thumbs down!

I'm sick of the "I <3 NY" products. Plus, this is made in Thailand. No thanks. Way cooler stuff on this site that is made by people right here in the USA.. or free trade items. This is a no-go.

Vote: Thumbs down!

No way cause it isn't made in the USA. This is too odd!!! No lid either, I guess I am klutzy but I need a lid for my portable cup.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Not a unique idea. Everyone is coming out with "fake" paper cups. I would never buy anything that said NY.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Not unique enough for the UG assortment. Feels very average souvenir shop.

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