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horizon sand art

by Klaus Bosch
This item is sold out and no longer available.

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Sand and Sea

Inspired by sand and sea, this beautiful sand art by artist Klaus Boesch is an awesome microcosm of natural elements and landscapes. Simply flip the screen over and be mesmerized by the organic picture that appears before you.

Coral (left image), inspired by the Red Sea, transports you to an underwater world of tranquility and wonder, the blue liquid gently ebbing and flowing to form an ocean floor of peaks and valleys.

Dune (right image), with its sunset orange water, looks like a desert storm rising out of the horizon as tiny grains of sand rain down.

Handmade in Austria.

Includes a small syringe with needle for adding and removing water and air, which helps regulate and maintain the device and makes sand flow more slowly or more quickly. Regulation, which is rarely required, should be done by adults only. Instructions included.

This item has been discontinued. When it sells out, it will no longer be available. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Item ID
Made from
soap, glass, silicone, sand, wood
16.5" L x 5.75" H x 1.75" D
turn over at least once a month, regulate air as necessary
  • the maker
Klaus Bosch

Klaus Bosch

Klaus Bosch calls himself the Sandman, and rightfully so. Born in Lustenau, Austria, Bosch created "Rainbow Vision" sand pictures and "Za-Zen" zen gardens. He continually produces beautiful works of art based on the ever changing quality of sand.

Many would call him an artist, but the Sandman considers himself a talented craftsmen. As a child, Bosch was fascinated by science, the cosmos and stars, and the idea of being part of the bigger picture of the universe. collection

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