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hogwash soap

by Gary & Karen Austin
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Hitting the Right Spots (and Stains)

Despite its name, there's nothing ridiculous about this no-nonsense, stain-removing soap bar that, aside from working magic in the laundry room as a spot treatment, should also feel right at home next to the kitchen sink as an non-drying hand scrub for gardeners, grease monkeys, kids, and anyone prone to getting their hands nice and dirty. Made from a colorful blend of natural soaps and scrub-ready cornmeal, this big ol' chunk of glycerin-rich soap is effective at removing grass and food stains, along with bubble gum (ack!), blood, chocolate, grease, ink, and set-in mildew. And while there's a portly porker pictured on the packaging, Hogwash! is free of animal byproducts along with petroleum-based ingredients. Made in Minetto, New York.

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Made from
olive oil, corn oil, organic cornmeal
6 oz.
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Gary & Karen Austin

We started making soaps 28 years ago for our son Aaron Taylor. As a baby, he could not tolerate any of the bath products on the market. As a result, Gary decided to try making our own soap for him. Many recipes were still too harsh, so he developed his own process for a pure, natural and kind soap for him. The results were amazing! Our soaps and cremes are hypo-allergenic and still created with only edible ingredients so they can be safely used on newborns. We NEVER test on animals and we NEVER will. We are one of the pioneers of the "green" movement -- "green" since 1982!

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