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by Story of Gyrowheel
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  • the story

Balancing Act

Training wheels may help keep little cyclists from falling off a bike (most of the time), but they're not actually good at teaching how to ride a bike. The miraculous Gyrowheel, on the other hand, is a single front tire that fits most children's bicycles and helps keep your child stable as they develop the muscle memory skills for riding on their own.

The secret is an internal disk that spins like a gyroscope and helps keep the wheel upright when your child wobbles. Many children who use the Gyrowheel learn how to ride within an hour! Powered by a rechargeable battery, the spinning inner wheel can be set to three diminishing levels of stability as your child learns to ride independently, and functions as an ordinary (but awesome-looking) wheel when turned off. The Gyrowheel fits most standard 12-inch children's bicycles. Sold as a single wheel. Bicycle not included. Made in Malaysia.

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Item ID
Made from
plastic, rubber, electrical wiring, rechargeable batteries
12" dia; axle: 5" L; 8 lbs.
Ages 3+; for children 34-46" in height and less than 88 lbs. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not store outside or submerge in water. Maximum PSI: 36. You are solely responsible for using good judgment when riding a bike and for following all regulations.
  • the maker

Story of Gyrowheel

Gyrowheel's proof-of-concept prototype was developed at Dartmouth College by four undergrad engineering students while Gyrobike's now CEO, Daniella Reichstetter, was at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business.

The initial idea was sparked by the desire to create a tool for learning to ride a unicycle. The students quickly realized however that there was a much more needed application - a way to make learning to ride a bicycle safer, easier and in the process more fun.

After being founded in 2007, Gyrobike's CEO spent two years in product development with a team of professional engineers making prototypes and doing exhaustive testing. Gyrowheel was designed with a disk that spins independently inside the wheel. The challenge was not only to develop a front bike wheel with a disk that could do this, but also to find a way to get the disk to spin fast enough to create enough force (gyroscopic precession) that would help stabilize the bike at a low speed so that a rider could benefit from the stabilizing effect.

The next step was to make sure Gyrowheel was the best, safest product that could be made. The team went through multiple design versions and wanted to ensure that the technology would work the way they had planned, that it was kid- and user-friendly and that Gyrowheel could effectively replace the front wheel of standard kids' bikes. They fully enclosed the disk to keep small fingers safe. They enclosed rechargeable batteries and motorized the disk. Ultimately, the team created a "cool" design that allows kids (and adults) to see the "magic" disk in action.

Gyrowheel also underwent extensive meticulous testing, including compliance, safety and environmental, to ensure that it was a product that parents can trust.

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