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created by

Sherwood Forlee


created by

Sherwood Forlee

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But Officer! This Is Totally Legal!

A blank city wall with a fresh coat of paint - is there anything more appealing to doodlers, dreamers, and graffiti artists?

Indulge your inner vandal without the risk of jail time with this creative and fun Walls Notebook. With 160 pages of blank urban wall photographs, this paperback is just begging to be defaced, or at least decorated. Comes with a pack of 10 completely legal, dual-tip, thick-and-thin markers.

Designed by New York City designer Sherwood Forlee, who also tagged our copy of the book (pictured). Your notebook will come completely blank. Have fun!

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Featured in Time Out New York magazine.

Sherwood Forlee is a designer with no design or art education. Instead, he studied fluid dynamics and partial differential equations, and then barely managed to graduate. But graduate he did, and with a high-falutin' sounding title to boot: "Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer." Despite this, Sherwood calls himself a designer because it sounds hip and no one likes hanging around a nerd at a party.

Following graduation, Sherwood went to work as a product design engineer. After cutting his teeth at a few firms, Sherwood decided to see more of the world and set out on adventures that would lead him to Tokyo (where he was accosted by the yakuza for trying to sell homemade T-shirts on their territory), the Azores (where inclement weather stranded him for a few days without food in the wild), Zurich (where he was forced to climb a perilous mountain with two massive rental bikes atop his shoulders), and many other places. Today, Sherwood enjoys a more peaceful life in New York City working once again as a product designer.

Still reading? Well then, a little more on Sherwood. He was born in Hong Kong and lived there for about a year. Afterwards, he moved with the rest of his family to Zimbabwe, Africa. It was here in Africa with his wildlife artist father (who, by the way, escaped from Communist China to Hong Kong by means of swimming the shark-infested waters that separate the two) that Sherwood cultivated his passion for adventure, the arts, and travel. Fond memories include throwing stones at bull elephants to make them charge so that his father could get a few good photos to work with before speeding off on a dilapidated motorbike. Nowadays, Sherwood has a bit more regard for his well-being and prefers doing back flips onto hard concrete over being chased by scary animals.

Made from
100% recycled paper label stock, plastic, ink
Book: Approx. 7" x 8.5"; 160 pages
Ages 12 and up. Please exercise care to prevent ink from bleeding through the pages, particularly by applying lighter downward pressure with the thick side of the markers.
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