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fragrance earrings

by Lisa Hoffman $45.00

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Fashion Scents

Embody the essence of rich Madagascar orchid or citrus-sweet Tunisian neroli by donning these fragrance-infused earrings by artist Lisa Hoffman. This set features gold-plated brass filigree pendants that enshrine bounties of tiny wooden fragrance beads. The pendants swing gently to perfume the air around the wearer with the alluring scent of exotic blooms. Each set of earrings comes with refillable fragrance beads so you can easily refresh the scent in your charms. Made in China.

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Item ID
Made from
gold plate, fragrance
2"L x 1"W
Care Instructions: Avoid Contact with water
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Lisa Hoffman

Lisa Hoffman is an award winning perfumer and avid world traveler. Some of Lisa Hoffman's earliest childhood memories are rooted in fragrance. She remembers 'cooking up' fragrances with a perfume making kit her Uncle gave her when she was six, and playing with her grandmother's bottle of perfume in secret. This began a love affair with fragrance that developed into a life passion and a business in perfume. Lisa Hoffman's Fragrance Jewelry Collection is designed to enable women to wear fragrance in a way that complements their lifestyle and allows for a more individualized approach to perfume.

The inspiration for Lisa's collections always begins with fragrance, and the original concept for creating fragrances was inspired by her travels. The fragrances evoke memories of the places she has been; whether it's a literal interpretation; like the scent of orchids in Madagascar, or if it's more emotional, like the feeling of utter serenity while in Kyoto. Whenever Lisa works on a new scent, her goal is to truly recreate the scent experiences from the places that she has been. collection

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