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The Key To Good Luck

Sometimes that prophetic paper in your fortune cookie is just the ticket for inspiration. Designed to help you hang on to those tiny epiphanies after the cookie's crumbled, this beautiful keychain frames fortunes with two acrylic sheets held in place by rare earth magnets and affixed to a key ring embellished with lead-free metal beads. Made in Brooklyn, New York. Fortunes shown not included.

Choose between four meaningful images:
-"Dream Believer": A symbolic image contains a message in Japanese characters, translating to "Look at the dream to find the truth. Faith will take you far."
-"Doors of Opportunity": This Indian pattern prepares you to take a bold step into new adventures.
-"Transformation": The Buddhist wheel print sets cycles in motion, leading you down the path towards enlightenment.
-"Cherry Blossoms": These delicate cherry blossoms inspire many emotions in different cultures, evoking beauty, strength, power and the mystery of life.

Fortune sizes vary in the U.S. To fit all fortune sizes in key chain, simply tuck under one side of your fortune so that the fortune clears the magnet.

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Item ID
Made from
sterling silver, metal, magnet, acrylic
2.38" L x 1" W
Magnets can potentially deactivate credit cards in bags or pockets.

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