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film festival in a box

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Roll Out The Red Carpet

Imagine the benefits of a book club without the stress of homework, and you've got Film Festival in a Box. Invite your friends over, watch four short films on a DVD from genres such as Fantastical Film, Love, Dark Comedies, Powered by Girls and Pottymouth Comedies, and then discuss them after the credits roll.

Once the debating is done, join the online film community to log your votes for Best Picture, Best Performance and Best Story. While online, you may even meet the actual filmmakers and casts for a truly interactive, memorable night of film forum fun. Made in the USA.

Choose from eight entertaining genres:

Chillers keep you on the edge of your seat with four scary movies meant for spooky nights in.

Comedy lightens up the mood with four ferociously funny films made to keep you laughing long after they're done.

Dark Comedy brings a touch of sardonic humor with four slightly twisted, award-winning flicks.

Love spreads romance through the room with four touching stories sure to move your group.

Pottymouth Comedies entertain mature audiences with four foul-mouthed flicks sure to satisfy your inner rebel.

Powered By Girls brings ladies night to the big screen with four films made by, starring or all about girls.

Fantastical satisfies wild imaginations with four faraway tales made for first-class dreamers.

Zombies play up campy horror with four flicks ruled by the living dead!

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Made from
plastic, cardboard
6.25" L x 5.75" W x 1" H

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