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feet and tail pot feet - set of 3

by Michael Gentilucci
This item is sold out and no longer available.

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Heads Or Tails

No, your favorite plant didn't sprout feet and a tail. This charming three-piece set holds up your flower or plant pot to promote drainage and deter insects. Simply place them under the pot and let them lend a quirky touch to your garden.

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Handmade in CA.

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Made from
sand, water, cement, pigment, strengthening additives
Approx: 3" W x 3" H x 5" Dia.; 1.5 lbs. each
Care: rinse clean
Tudor Pot not included.
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Michael Gentilucci

Michael Gentilucci and his wife Alisa share a common passion for traditional garden design. Soon after they met, they created Designer Stone. Since 2004, Michael has created hundreds of original copyrighted clay sculptures. His designs have a spiritual reverberating quality; they are typically amusing, expressive, inspirational, and interactive. They commonly possess a message, often written, sometimes implied, and occasionally profound. It is the type of Garden Art which evokes a glimmering smile, it can remove life's pressures for a few precious moments and can remind us of who we are and what we live for. collection

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