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explorer sundial necklace

by Harris Morrison $98.00

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Starboard Pendant

Stay on course with this nautical themed sundial necklace, handmade from brass and stainless steel. Derived from the "armillary sphere," an ancient astronomical device favored by explorers and sea captains, the flattened pendant can be pushed out to form perpendicular spheres -- one lining up with latitude and one used to measure the sun's shadow. Complete with an instructive manual, this compass can be used for practicality or simply worn as a decorative pendant to find your way home or wherever your heart wanders. Handmade in USA.

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Made from
brass, stainless steel
1.75" L x 1.2" W x .25" H; stainless steel chain 22"
Polish with jewelry cloth or soap and water.
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Harris Morrison

Harris Morrison was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Harris started his professional career as a potter, making functional stoneware in both the United States and Canada. He ran his own studio and employed several people for over a decade. He expanded his business and explored some of his other entrepreneur passions by starting an agency to sell other products while he was on the road with his pottery. In the early 1990’s, Harris came across a 400-year-old portable sundial in an antique shop in Paris. This unique, ancient timepiece inspired a period of intense research on sundials. He soon joined the American and British Sundial Societies. His new passion soon became a new business, and he sold the successful pottery studio that had kept him and several employees busy for a decade. Drawing on his years as an artist and craftsman, Harris began designing elegant, fully functioning modern sundials, modeled after the originals. Since then, Harris has designed and created many unique lines of sundials in several styles and materials, both as jewelry and as functional sundials for the garden. Shepherd’s Watch sundials can be found through North America, Europe and in the Far East. collection

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