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"endless summer" craft iced tea set

by Pete Jokisch $35.00

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Just Chillin'

If they could distill summertime into liquid form, and flavor it with the essence of lazy days, road trips, and endless adventure, it might taste a lot like these herbal teas. They combine the classic, year-round refreshment with sophisticated flavors that will satisfy your grown-up sensibilities. Three varieties of tea come in the set:

Pineapple Tea is a yerba mate blend, flavored with pineapple, papaya leaves and green tea.
Orange Tea is a black tea infused with orange peel, ginseng and yerba mate.
Pomegranate Tea is a green tea complemented with pomegranate, hibiscus and lime peel.

Each blend comes in a large pouch with enough tea to flavor an entire pitcher. Simply place the pouch in the pitcher, add a half quart of hot water, and steep for five minutes. Then add a half quart of cold water, and pour yourself a tall glass of vacation time for your taste buds. Made in Lakewood, Colorado.

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Made from
black tea, green tea, yerba mate
Each Box: 3.75" L x 2.5" W x 5.625" H. Contains 8 filters bags of each flavor.
Store in dry environment
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Pete Jokisch

Pete Jokisch

Founder, Pete Jokisch, has always had a thirst for creativity. Having been introduced to tea while in college, Pete was enthralled with the complexity of the almighty tea leaf. Using tea as a catalyst to boost his immune system while playing lacrosse in college and then on a professional level, Pete knew his future would revolve around creating a different type of tea experience for others to enjoy.

Living in Colorado and surrounded by so many microbreweries, he naturally took note of their passion for the craft and applied similar techniques to his tea blends. Pete's mission is to elevate the Iced Tea experience by crafting flavorful infusions using all natural ingredients, including real fruits, herbs and spices for consumers to brew up and enjoy at home!

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