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endless rain record

Community Voted
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Your Silver Lining

Unwind to the meditative splash of rain drops, crashing and falling into a transporting soundtrack. Artist Kouichi Okamoto designed this record with circular grooves so that its calm drips loop endlessly into an abstract, atmospheric and blissfully serene soundscape.

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Community Voted
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12" diameter

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Q and A

When our community voted on this product, some also shared comments - read them below:

118votes, 22 comments

Vote: Thumbs down!

Would not buy.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Although I think the concept is really cool, you have to have a record player to use it. Not too many people I know, unless they are really into vinyl, still have record players.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Who these days own a record player?

Vote: Thumbs down!

I like the idea, but most people don't have record players anymore. The price is rather high as well.

Vote: Thumbs down!

very expensive for an LP.

Vote: Thumbs down!

You're kidding right? Who still has a record player and a non-music record for $45?!!!

Vote: Thumbs down!

Awesome idea, but who owns a record player anymore?

Vote: Thumbs down!

interesting, but real rain is free. plus i don't have an lp player.


This would be nice if it could play in a CD player...

Vote: Thumbs down!

Agree with others, in that a CD would be better.. who plays LP's anymore.. also, a bit pricey

Vote: Thumbs up!

I love it! Actually records have made a huge come back, especially with my age group!

Vote: Thumbs down!

Who plays records any more?

Vote: Thumbs down!

So not only do I have to buy a record for $45, I also have to find and buy a record player?

Vote: Thumbs down!

And who still plays records? And would they even want to play this? NO!

Vote: Thumbs down!

You can get rain sounds when it rains outside... and it's free. On a sunny day, there's always the internet. :-)

Vote: Thumbs down!

Unfortunately the record is just so outdated. A CD even...

Vote: Thumbs down!

Ha! Ha!

Vote: Thumbs down!

From the time it took me to vote thumbs down on this I downloaded "rain" noises on my iPod and fell asleep. My 6 year old neice wants to know how the giant coaster makes rain noises... just wanted to share that with you.

Vote: Thumbs down!

I have a record player and records, and I really like the idea behind the loop able record, but I would not buy something that I can easily find something similar on the internet for about 99 cents to a $1.

Vote: Thumbs down!

Sounds awesome, but who has a record player anymore?

Vote: Thumbs down!

A record? Really?

Vote: Thumbs down!

Way too pricey and like most people I don't have a record player.

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