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elements vault

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Elemental, My Dear

Scientists, historians and collectors unite! The Elements Vault is a comprehensive, interactive book that's all things atomic. You can learn about each element based on the nine major periodic categories (alkali metals, the alkali earth metals, the transition metals, the nonmetals, the metalloids, the halogens, the noble gases, the actinides, and the lanthanides) or by where each element falls on the light spectrum with a stunning 20" L x 10" W rainbow poster. Suitable for ages 10 up to adults, the Element Vault includes beautiful pictures, real element samples and tons of removable copies of historical documents that bring new insight into the chemical world. Ever wonder why 7-UP would sell a lithium-laced soda? Want to read a letter Einstein wrote to FDR? Now you Hafnium the chance! Made in China.

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Community Voted
Item ID
Recommended Ages 10+
Made from
cardboard, paper, teflon, cubic zirconium, 24kt gold leaf, foil
12.50" L x 10.69" W x 1.44" H

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