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elements necklace

by Mindy and Grant Searcey
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  • the story

Earth, Fire, Water and Wind

Based on a native American tradition, the four elements help describe a person's spirit, their basic nature and temperament. Depending on when you are born determines which element you personify.

Hand carved into recycled sterling silver, a stylized image of each element serves as a reminder to what your greatest strengths are. Whether you are fiery force or a calming presence, a grounded thinker or a curious dreamer, each element is necessary, unique and admirable in its own way. Accented with a semi-precious gemstone that matches the element's sentiment. Handmade in Los Angeles by Mindy and Grant Searcey. Includes card explaining each element.

What element am I?

Earth: (emerald) Brave, loyal, practical. Personifies roots. Revitalized by nature.
(Birthdays: December 22-January 19; April 21-May 20; August 23-September 22)

Fire: (garnet) Strong, creative, self-assured. Likes the air best before and after a storm.
(Birthdays: March 21-April 20; July 23-August 22; November 23-December 21)

Water: (sapphire) Intuitive, emotional, empathetic. Soothed by being around water.
(Birthdays: February 19-March 20; June 21-July 22; October 24-November 22)

Wind: (blue topaz) Intellectual, active, unexpected. Always changing and shifting.
(Birthdays: January 20-February 18; May 21-June 20; September 23-October 23)

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  • details
Item ID
Made from
semi precious stones, recycled silver
chain: 18" L, pendant: 0.7" dia.
  • the maker

Mindy and Grant Searcey

Mindy and Grant Searcey are the husband-wife team behind Searcey Designs, which they founded in 2004. Each has brought their own experiences and outlooks to make their line of jewelry unique and memorable.

Mindy always fancied herself a female Indiana Jones--going so far as to major in anthropology and travel as much as possible. "The treasures and historical relics were fascinating to me," Mindy says. "But to me, the real treasure was to be found in the journey."

After many travels and different jobs, Mindy began making and designing jewelry. She has been doing it for ten years.

Grant has always considered himself an artist. He painted and illustrated professionally before he began designing jewelry in 2004. "Designing jewelry opens up my imagination to a third dimension, allowing me to create an art form that is not limited to a flat surface," he says.

Grant is inspired by organic shapes and natural growth. He strives to make each piece unique and original--so that the wearer can express his or her own individuality.

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