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einspine's drying line

by Russ Hornstein
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High & Dry

Transform tight indoor spaces with designer Russ Hornstein's ingenious, home-drying system. It saves time, money and (more of) the planet with a cord that supports four times as much clothing as conventional lines with clever loops that hang laundry sideways. Dry garments go straight from the line to your closet, energy-free. Includes instructions, one 50 foot rope, two .75" pulleys, two stainless steel hooks, one 2.5" cleat, and two screws enclosed in a bag made from upcycled t-shirt remnants. Hangers not included.

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Made from
rope, stainless steel, reclaimed tshirt material
Components included in the kit:
Rope - 3/16" diamond braided nylon rope (50 ft.);
Pulleys - 3/4" Rust proof zinc plated pulleys with rigid loop (one single, one double);
Hooks - Two open stainless steel hooks with wood screw thread;
Cleat - 2 1/2" rust proof zinc boat-type cleat;
Screws for cleat - Two 1 1/2" stainless steel screws;
Printed instructional insert;
all enclosed in a T Shirt bag made from remnants which would otherwise end up discarded - great for holding clothespins!

The paper instructions are 100% recycled, processed chlorine free, ancient forest friendly, and made with wind power and non-toxic toner inks. Illustrations by Elixir Design.

With prolonged exposure to water, the zinc plating may form a white, chalky oxidation but will not rust. If the pulley receives a very deep scratch and is exposed to moisture, the steel core could rust. The hardware can withstand some exposure to moisture but is recommended for indoor or sheltered outdoor use.
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Russ Hornstein

Applying his knack for finding solutions to cases beyond his medical practice in Malta, Chiropractic Neurologist Dr. Russ Hornstein founded the health-enhancing start-up company Einspine in 2005. His dedication to green living compelled Dr. Hornstein to design a simple, but clever indoor line dryer that maximizes space and volume by hanging clothes sideways.

"I love coming up with new ideas for living in a more environmentally-friendly way. Our townhouse in Malta is an example of off-grid living in a city," he says. In his spare time, Dr. Hornstein sculpts and develops innovative software solutions for work-related stress injuries.

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