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depression glass earrings

by Laura Bergman $40.00

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Broken Blossoms

Reclaimed from the broken remains of a vintage cake plate (pink) and saucers, plates, tumblers and cookie jars (yellow), this delicate and lovely glass was made in great quantities during the 1930s and 40s, and is now known as Depression glass.

A beautiful link to the past, the glass is salvaged from the Pennsylvania Amish Country in an effort to help the environment and protect wildlife by removing this hazard. Each piece still maintains the original embossed Cherry blossom pattern and is finished with sterling silver wire. Handmade in Pennsylvania by artist Laura Bergman.

Due to the recycled and handmade nature of this item, each is unique and will vary.

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Item ID
Made from
wire, recycled glass
1" L x .25" W
Glass can be washed with soap and water, sterling can be cleaned with any sterling cleaner.
  • the maker
Laura Bergman

Laura Bergman

An avid antique glass and bottle collector, artist Laura Bergman lives near a wooded area with multiple antique bottle dumps. "It always bothered me how, as a collector, we take away the pretty whole bottles, but leave the broken pieces behind," she says.

After seeing a baby fawn laying among these pieces one day, and having had one of her dogs return from a walk with his feet cut, she decided to pick up the pieces of this lovely antique glass and use them to create jewelry and gifts.

Each of her pieces is handmade from 100% reclaimed antique glass from these dumps. Being a bottle collector for many years, Laura has researched and collected the history behind each type of glass. Each piece truly is "A Little Piece of History for You to Wear".

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